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Forum Rules / Guidelines

Post by SiebenAuf on Fri May 16, 2008 10:18 pm

Hello there and welcome to the forum.

You will need to register to post, this can take a little while, please be patient... if you are only here to read then, of course, there is no need to register.

If you spot a post you think moderators should be alerted to, there is a little alert button in the bottom right of each message.

Enjoy the forum!

Some General Do's and Do not's....


Do read the topic list before you post and use a topic that already exists if there is one relevant, rather than starting a new one. This will increase the visibility of your post, as people do tend to keep an eye on active topics more than the multitude of newly created topics.

Do be very careful what links you use, respected sources that contain a relevant story you wish to talk about are OK. If you are unsure, then don’t use a link. Architects of the Future is not responsible for the content of third party sites.

Do use the ‘alert’ button that is present on every post if you think a moderator needs to check the post for any reason. You may think it is offensive, inappropriate or really really funny and want us to have a laugh. (Use the alert button if you think someone is misusing the forum, if you attack back your own account could be bopped by the banstick).

Do try to have fun with the forums. If you find yourself getting wound up or stressed take a break for a bit… coming back refreshed and eager to throw your wit at us once more.

Do be patient with other users. Even if someone posts in a way that annoys you (in “txt spk” for example), stay polite and light-hearted in any response. (In 10 years they might be your doctor, or member of parliament.)

Do contact if you have any questions or problems that are forum related. Replies can be slow especially when things are busy.



Do Not Feed The Trolls. Some people use forums purely to annoy others for their own amusement. Reaction is what they seek and will feed them so that they stick around longer. Use the alert button and move on to some more interesting topic.

Do Not swear or post in a manner likely to offend users, disrupt the forum or just, in general, be mean.

Do Not add anything to your sig. (signature) that others users may get annoyed by, such as very long sigs or excessive emoticons, and Do Not put any links in signatures.

Do Not post spoilers without giving some sort of warning. Most visiting the forum will not know what is happening next, if you do please clearly mark any spoilers you might post to avoid annoying other forum users.

Do Not copy and paste large chunks from other sites, or include copyrighted material in your post.

Do Not link directly to any kind of media file.

Do Not give out any personal information about yourself especially contact information. You may think you know the people you are chatting to on the forum, but you don’t know the many thousands of casual guests who wander the forums and can read what you post (and you don’t really know the people you are chatting to).

Do Not post defamatory, harassing or unlawful comments relating to individuals, organisations or any group of people.

Do Not try to use the forum to promote your website, business, dodgy money making scheme, hamster breeding farm or your lonely single self.

Do Not repeatedly re-post deleted topics, as this leaves us with just one option (banstick!).

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