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Need a Hand Gents

Post by Swiper on Sun Jul 06, 2008 1:42 am


Since I cant talk to the FO about going off to Baghdad until I have various things sorted on the Uni end.

Also no AASA CQB SMG/Pistol/PDW course until 21 *bloody rents worrying about me getting it and running off to join Blackwater...*

Soooo asking you lads for a major favor. If anyone has ANY spare time could you look up any RUMOURED or factual deployments of Private Military Contractors in the United Kingdom?

Ideally looking at Blackwater security operations/Spartan. For my dissertation the back up is a full report on the extend of private military deployments on UK streets... sooo looking for anyhting here, rumours, hints, tips. I know overall there is a lot of shit kicking around just need a referent object to base it on before I start running off around the country doing interviews/getting various shinies.

REWARD: Haribo - 1 bag (Small bags at first then growing in size...) per good link/source etc (to a maximum of 5 bags per person after that... yeah I'll think of something)

Cheers gents
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